Kampot Cambodia

Where to go in Kampot

Kampot is a charming little town located in the south of Cambodia, known for its laid-back atmosphere, stunning natural beauty and delicious cuisine. If you're planning a trip to Kampot, there are plenty of places to explore and enjoy. Start your day by visiting the famous Bokor National Park, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery. Take a stroll through the bustling riverside market, where you'll find an array of fresh produce, spices and local handicrafts. Don't forget to try some of the town's specialties, such as Kampot pepper and seafood dishes.
Finally, end your day with a relaxing boat ride along the river, watching the sun set over the horizon.


Salt Fields | Brateak Krola Lake | Bokor Gateway | Yeay Mao Monument | Bokor Hill Station | Sampov Pram Pagoda | Thansur Sokha Hotel Casino | Popokvil Waterfall | Daung Te Resort | Tada Roung Chan Waterfall | Phnom Daung Beach | Veal Pouch Waterfall | Love the River | Firefly cruise

Meeting places

Market | Durian Roundabout | Bokor Night Market | Night Market | Beautiful Bays Statue | Lotus Pond

Medical Care

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital | RHAC Klinik | Referral Hospital | Pharmacie Davy

Salt Fields

The ocean water is let into the fields and left to evaporate naturally into salt crystals under the hot sun. The salt is then collected and delivered to the salt factory for processing.

Salt Fields

Brateak Krola Lake

The so-called "Secret Lake"

Daung Te Resort

Daung TE is a place where you can escape from your stress. Relax on the beach, play in the water, enjoy good scenery and taste good local food.

Daung Te Resort

Tada Roung Chan Waterfall

This natural waterfall is 27 meters high

Phnom Daung Beach

Artificially created, secluded beach and planted palm trees.

! Closed for public atm !

Phnom Daung Beach

Veal Pouch Waterfall

The waterfall is located about 12km from the city

Picture shows waterfall in dry season.

Veal Pouch Waterfall

Love the River

Take a unique and private boat trip on a narrow side arm of the Kampot River and enjoy the beautiful view on the mountains and the stunning area along the river, while discovering untouched areas on an 8 meter wooden long-tail boat (max 6 people).

Get a bespoken boat trip with lots of information about local life, birds along the river, mangrove trees and fruit trees, stop at a sandy river beach for a refreshing swim and walk over a fruit plantation.

Love the River

Approximately 3 hours duration.

Swimming suits, sunscreen and camera are recommended, Parasols are provided. Drinks available on board.

Early Morning Tour starts between 07:00am and 09:00am.

Afternoon Sunset Cruise starts at 03:00pm.

Want to have the boat just for yourself? Start at different time? Extend the boat trip? Feel free to ask the Captain for specials!

Call 016 627 410

send mail to Björn

The LoveTheRiver private boat trips start at Green House

Please ask your Tuk Tuk driver to take you there!

Firefly cruise

Sunset and Firefly boat cruises. The tourist boats moved to the west side of the Praek Tuek Chhu river

Firefly cruise

Bokor Night Market

The Bokor Night Market is situated at the Praek Tuek Chhu river. The beach and the terrasse make it a nice place to enjoy the delicious local food or to relax with a drink.

Wide range of food, drinks, clothing and entertainment for all ages.

Beach Bokor Night Market

Opening hours : 04:00pm - 10:00pm

Free entrance at the Bokor Night Market

Parking fee : 1,000 Riel

Call 078 547 304

Local food

Popular food for the locals are fried duck eggs, chicken wings, chicken feet and water ice cream.

Fried duck eggs Chicken wings Chicken feet Water ice cream