Daily Meat Minimart | Kampot Cambodia

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The Daily Meat Minimart is a small grocery store located in Kampot, Cambodia. The store sells various meat products such as beef, pork, chicken and seafood. They also offer other essential items like vegetables, fruits, snacks, drinks and household goods.
The Daily Meat Minimart is known for its high-quality meat products that are sourced from local farms in Kampot. The store prides itself on providing fresh, hygienic and affordable meat to customers. They also offer special promotions and discounts on selected items throughout the year.
The store is popular among locals and tourists alike for its friendly service and convenient location. It is situated in a busy area of Kampot, making it easily accessible by foot or vehicle. The Daily Meat Minimart has become a go-to destination for those looking to purchase high-quality meat products at reasonable prices.

Daily Meat Minimart