Durian - Kampot Cambodia

Durian fruit is often referred to as the "king of fruits" due to its large size, thorny exterior and strong aroma. It is native to Southeast Asia and is widely consumed in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Kampot, located in southern Cambodia, is renowned for its durian production. The region's favorable climate, fertile soil and proximity to the Gulf of Thailand contribute to the growth of high-quality durian fruit. Kampot durians are known for their exceptional taste, creamy texture and intense aroma.

The durian season in Kampot typically starts in May and lasts until August. During this time, local farmers harvest the ripe durians and sell them in local markets or directly from their farms. Many tourists and fruit enthusiasts visit Kampot during this season to experience the unique flavors and aromas of the durian fruit.

Kampot is also known for its durian farms, where visitors can learn about the cultivation and harvesting process. Some farms even offer durian tasting sessions, allowing visitors to sample different varieties of durian and learn about the different flavor profiles.

If you are a fan of durian fruit or simply interested in exploring unique tropical flavors, Kampot is definitely a place to consider visiting.