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Western Union Kampot offers easy and convenient money transfer services to customers in Kampot and nearby areas. Customers can send and receive money in minutes to over 200 countries and territories around the world. Western Union Kampot is located in a convenient location and has friendly staff to assist customers with their transactions. The service is reliable and safe, with advanced encryption and fraud prevention measures in place. Additionally, customers can track their transfers using the Western Union mobile app or website for added peace of mind.

Some of the Western Union agent locations in Kampot include :

  • ABA Bank
  • Canadia Bank
  • Acleda Bank
  • Hattha Kaksekar Limited
  • Prasac Microfinance Institution

Customers can visit any of these agent locations to send or receive money using Western Union. They can also use the Western Union website or mobile app to initiate transactions and track their transfers. Western Union is a reliable and convenient option for people who need to send or receive money quickly and securely in Kampot.

Western Union Kampot