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Amret Microfinance is a leading microfinance institution in Cambodia that provides financial services to low-income households and small businesses. The company was established in 2006 as a joint venture between the MFI arm of Australia's Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (now part of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited) and the Cambodian Microfinance Institution (CMF).
Amret offers a range of financial products, including loans for small businesses and individuals, savings accounts, insurance services and remittances. The company has over 50 branches across Cambodia, with its headquarters located in Phnom Penh. Amret's mission is to provide access to affordable financial services that help improve the lives of low-income households and small businesses in Cambodia.
In addition to microfinance services, Amret also supports community development initiatives through its Amret Foundation. The foundation focuses on education, healthcare and environmental conservation programs in rural areas where Amret operates.

Amret Microfinance