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The Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) is a program that teaches children and adults to solve mathematical problems using mental calculations. It was developed by Dr. Yeap Ban Har, a Malaysian educator, in the 1980s. The UCMAS program consists of nine levels, with each level building upon the previous one.
The first step is learning basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using mental calculations. As students progress through the levels, they learn more advanced techniques for solving mathematical problems mentally. By the end of the program, participants can solve complex equations and even perform square root calculations without the use of paper or pencil.
UCMAS is taught in schools and community centers around the world, including Cambodia. In Kampot, a city located on the south coast of Cambodia, there are several UCMAS training centers where children can learn this unique method of mental arithmetic. The program has been well-received in Cambodia, as it helps students develop their cognitive abilities and improve their problem-solving skills.