Over the Rainbow Kindergarten - Kampot Cambodia

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The Over the Rainbow Kindergarten is a preschool located in Kampot, Cambodia that offers educational programs for children aged 2 to 6 years old. The school focuses on developing the child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills through play-based learning.
At Over the Rainbow Kindergarten, we believe that every child is unique and has the potential to succeed in life. Our teachers are trained professionals who provide a nurturing environment for children to learn, grow and develop their skills. We offer both local and international curriculum options to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education.
Our kindergarten is located in a safe and secure area of Kampot, with easy access to public transportation and other amenities. Our facilities include spacious classrooms, playgrounds and outdoor learning areas. We also offer extracurricular activities such as music, art, sports and yoga to help children develop their interests and talents.
Over the Rainbow Kindergarten is committed to providing quality education for all children in Kampot. Our mission is to prepare our students for success in life by fostering a love of learning, developing critical thinking skills and promoting social responsibility.

Over the Rainbow Kindergarten