International Village | Phum Barang | Kampot Cambodia


International Village is a rapidly developing area, that has caught the attention of non-tourist businesses and real estate investors in recent years. The region offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to build or purchase homes, villas and resorts, with Bokor mountain, Kampot River Park and International Village itself serving as major attractions. Lux, a company with strong roots in the area, offers a range of real estate options to suit different budgets, as well as a unique land investment service that generates profits for clients.

It offers a range of conveniences, including access to markets, supermarkets, schools and a hospital. The hospital in question is the Kampot Referral Hospital, which is dedicated to providing medical care to the poorest individuals in Cambodia, particularly those living in rural areas. The hospital has implemented several health financing interventions to increase access to healthcare services, making it a vital healthcare facility in the region.

In addition to the Kampot Referral Hospital, the area is also home to the well-respected Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital. This hospital has a strong record of delivering quality medical services to vulnerable communities and is continually working to improve the quality and efficiency of its services. Both hospitals have attracted attention from the international community, highlighting their importance in providing healthcare to the region's most vulnerable populations.

International Village also offers a range of real estate options, from beautiful hard-title land for sale to charming one-bedroom bungalows for rent. The area's growth potential and access to essential services make it an attractive option for those looking to invest in property or relocate to the region.

  • Drug raid - 6 suspects arrested
  • Road partially concreted