Farmlink | Kampot Cambodia

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Farmlink Cambodia is a social enterprise based in Cambodia that focuses on connecting farmers with markets and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Here are some key points about Farmlink Cambodia:

1. Mission: Farmlink's mission is to create a sustainable and fair agriculture sector in Cambodia by linking farmers with markets, providing them with training and support and promoting environmentally friendly practices.
2. Market Linkages: Farmlink works to bridge the gap between farmers and buyers by establishing direct market connections. They collaborate with hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses to source local produce directly from farmers, ensuring fair prices for both parties.
3. Farmer Training and Support: Farmlink provides training and support to farmers, helping them improve their agricultural practices, increase productivity and enhance the quality of their produce. They offer training in areas such as organic farming, pest management, post-harvest handling and market access.
4. Sustainable Agriculture: Farmlink promotes sustainable agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. They encourage farmers to adopt organic farming methods, reduce chemical pesticide and fertilizer use and implement water and soil conservation techniques.
5. Community Development: Farmlink actively engages with local communities, organizing workshops, farmer forums and knowledge-sharing sessions. They aim to empower farmers and strengthen rural communities by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in the agricultural sector.
6. Partnership and Collaboration: Farmlink collaborates with various stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs and private sector entities, to create a holistic and sustainable agricultural ecosystem in Cambodia. They work together with partners to develop market opportunities, improve supply chains and support farmers' livelihoods.

Farmlink Cambodia plays a crucial role in supporting farmers, promoting sustainable agriculture and facilitating market access for locally produced goods.