No Strings Attached Music Shop | Kampot Cambodia

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The No Strings Attached Music Shop in Kampot, Cambodia is a unique and charming store that offers a wide range of musical instruments for sale or rent. The shop has been operating since 2013 and is owned by two expatriates who have a passion for music and travel.
The shop specializes in selling acoustic guitars, ukuleles, harmonicas and other handmade percussion instruments from local artisans. They also offer lessons on how to play these instruments, as well as workshops on traditional Cambodian music. The friendly staff at the No Strings Attached Music Shop are always happy to help visitors find the perfect instrument for their needs or budget.
In addition to selling musical equipment, the shop also hosts regular live music events featuring local and international musicians. These performances provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience traditional Cambodian music as well as other genres from around the world.
Overall, the No Strings Attached Music Shop is an excellent destination for anyone looking to explore their love of music while visiting Kampot, Cambodia.

No Strings Attached Music Shop