Champey Bokor Guesthouse | Kampot Cambodia


Champey Bokor is nestled amidst the lush greenery of the mountainside and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. We offer a range of accommodation options from luxurious villas to cozy bungalows, all with modern amenities for your comfort.
Kampot is known for its natural beauty, rich history and friendly locals. Our experienced staff can help you plan your itinerary, including visits to nearby attractions such as the Bokor Mountain National Park, Kep Beach and the iconic Kampot Bridge. We also offer guided tours of the city's historic sites, including the old French quarter.
At Champey Bokor, we are committed to sustainable tourism practices that benefit both our guests and the local community. Our eco-friendly initiatives include using solar power for electricity, implementing water conservation measures and supporting local farmers through our organic garden program. We invite you to experience the magic of Kampot with Champey Bokor as your home base and leave a positive impact on this beautiful region.

Champey Bokor Guesthouse