Hill View Kampot near the Bokor National Park

Hello, we would like to introduce you to the project “Hill View Kampot”.

Kampot City is located on the Preak Tuek Chuu River, near the Gulf of Thailand.

Like all cities, Kampot is growing. Increasing traffic and rising costs have made us look for a plot outside the hustle and bustle. However, the city with its beautiful promenade and the center should be easily accessible for us.

Those who know the city appreciate the advantages. Local and western shops, night markets, river walks, view and proximity to Bokor Hill and National Park …

Hill View Kampot is located approximately 6km from the market, near the temple ‘Wat Wiel Puit’, adjacent to the National Park.

To participate in the emergence of a new village was crucial for me to buy me a plot here.

to be continued …
Thank you for your interest.

Waterfall in dry season
Waterfall in dry season
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The location near the National Park with accessibility to all important facilities.

The favorable position between the market, park and the new port offers the usual comfort.

If you love to take pictures or just love landscapes that you would like to remember long, then we have the perfect destination for you.

Hill View Kampot is surrounded by waterfalls, impressive mountains and orchards that will amaze you.

Hill View Kampot City Cambodia

‘Our goal is that you feel right at home.’

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